Tightrope walking is the art of walking along a thin wire or rope, usually at a great height. Some extreme artists perform  publicity stunts (often attempting to set location-specific distance or height records) that are highly dangerous and life threatening, and sometimes leading to their own demise.

10| Falko Traber, Germany – Longest Ropeway In The World 



Falko walked on the longest freely hanging ropeway in the world – the 3S-Umlaufbahn in Kitzbuehel at a height of 412 meters

 9| Dean Potter, USA – Taft Point In Yosemite


Dean Potter’s solo walk at Taft Point in Yosemite.

8| Angel Wallenda, USA – Defeating Disability


Angel Wallenda was the first and so far the only tightrope walker to have an artificial leg. And she comes with a family legacy. For over 400 years the Wallendas have thrilled audiences with their death defying acts.

7| Jon Ritson,  USA – Failed Attempt @ Cheddar Gorge


An extreme tightrope failed his attempt to walk along a one-inch thick ribbon suspended 157 meters above Cheddar Gorge when he lost his footing. Jon Ritson, a leading sportsman in the field of slack lining was saved by his harness and spent three hours trying to finish the 30 meters walk. He set off along the 30 meters long slack line but lost his balance and tumbled through the air. After three hours of further attempts, he reached “a physical block” and decided to call it a day.

6| Olivier Roustan, UK – Newport, South Wales


Daredevil Olivier Roustan performs the highest ever tight rope walk in Europe and crosses the 654 meters high rope over the River Usk in Newport, South Wales.

5| Philippe Petit, France – NY’s World Trade Center


Frenchman Philippe Petit stunned the world in 1974 when he strung a cable across New York City’s twin towers and walked across.

4| Mustafa Danger, Turkey –  Failed Attempt In Bali, Indonesia 


In October 2010, World-famous tight rope walker Mustafa Danger failed in his World Guinness Record attempt at crossing a steel cable hanging from the Great Bali Hotel to the Monte Tossal overlooking Benidorm’s Poniente beach. The motorcycle tightrope attempt failed only a few meters short of the hotel after he had travelled more than one kilometer in distance and at a height of 186 meters. Mustafa and his assistant were eventually pulled to safety.

3| Saimaiti Aishan, China – Fiasco On Hot Air balloons 


Chinese acrobat Saimaiti Aishan, 27, set a new national record while preparing for a world record attempt at 203 meters above the ground… but not without losing his balance and falling from the rope.

3| Maria Spelterini,  Italy –  First Woman Over Niagara Falls

Maria Spelterini (July 7, 1853- October 19, 1912), was an Italian tightrope walker who was the only woman to cross the Niagara gorge on a tightrope, which she did on July 8, 1876. She used two and a quarter inch wire and crossed just north of the lower suspension bridge. She crossed again on July 12, 1876, this time wearing peach baskets strapped to her feet. She crossed blindfolded on July 19, and on July 22 she crossed with her ankles and wrists manacled.

1| Freddy Nock, Switzerland – 1,700 Meters Down A Mountain Cable Car Wire @ Mount Corvatsch


One slip and he would plummet 3,100 meters to the ground below. Yet Freddy Nock took his most hair-raising stunt nonchalantly in his stride. These stunning images show 45-year-old Freddy Nock completing his latest feat – walking more than 1,700 meters down a mountain cable car wire – without a safety net or a harness in the Swiss mountains. Using only a balancing stick, he walked down the wire of a cable car line on Mount Corvatsch – which is 3,020 feet above sea level.


 Yangshuo Bear Zoo, China

Yes, that’s a bear driving a motorcycle on a tight rope with a guy hitching a ride beneath him.