The following numbers sum up major events and developments which took place in 2011,  that will impact our lives for years to come.



10| Carbon Footprint: 6,765

6,765 tons estimated carbon footprint, of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s April 29 royal wedding — more than 12 times what Buckingham Palace generates every year



9| Japan Floating Debris: 20 Million

20 million tons estimated weight of debris floating across the Pacific Ocean from Japan’s March 11 tsunami



8| Demographic Shift: 37.6

Most drastic shifting demographic: 37.6% of California’s population that is Latino, nearly at parity with non-Hispanic whites, according to 2010 census figures


7| Dying Language: 2

2 the number of people in Mexico who speak the indigenous Ayapaneco tongue; the two are not on speaking terms



6| Bollywood vs Hollywood: 107

107 movies were released in Bollywood in 2011 versus 212 released in Hollywood




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