You might cook for yourself and for your family. But cooking for your man is quite a different matter. Here are 10 reasons why you should cook only for him.


10| You Can Use It As An Excuse To Go Shopping (even if it’s just for groceries)

This is another trip to the mall. Right? Additional exercise.


9. You Can Put Him On A Diet

How do you tell him that he’s gained some kilos? You don’t. Instead, you take over his meals with low-fat substitutes, grilled proteins and bean curd.


8| You Can Guilt Him Into Doing The Dishes

Cooking up a huge pots n’ pan-filled mess for dinner in exchange for loading the dishwasher is the oldest trick in the domestic book. He might not take it lightly, if he likes playing the macho, but putting it in his face that you cooked for him only might do the trick.


7| You Can Be “Naughty” Afterwards

Men appreciate being taken care of. So when he’s finally licked his plate clean, he’ll surely come knockin’.


6| You Can hold It Against Him

You slave over a hot stove to while he watches TV. He doesn’t appreciate it? Not even a thank you? Well… You will never not win the next fight you two have.


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