1| Sparrow is the best way to use Gmail

Once you use Sparrow to check your email, you’ll never want to go back to the native mail app on your Mac or iPhone. From the design to its tight integration with Gmail and other popular services, Sparrow is simply the best way to manage your email.

Price: $2.99 for iPhone, $9.99 for Mac



2| Skitch is great for tweaking photos

Skitch is a clever app that lets you modify photos by layering text and other graphics on top of them. It’s very useful if you need to demonstrate something in a presentation or blog post. (Or if you just want to make funny doodles and send them to a friend.) Since Skitch is now part of the Evernote family, you can send your creations to your Evernote account.

Price: Free for iPadAndroidMac
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3| Foursquare is the best way to share your location with friends

Foursquare has solidified itself as the premiere check-in app. Think of it as a real-world game that lets you and your friends compete with each other for visiting the most places within a week. On top of that, many venues will offer you rewards for checking in such as a percentage off your meal or a free drink at your favorite bar.

Price: Free for iPhoneAndroid, Windows Phone 7 (search “Foursquare” in the Marketplace), and BlackBerry




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