The Football star David Beckham is known as much for his fashion sense and tattoos as he is for his abilities on the playing field. No matter what he does, the talk always comes back to his tattoos.  More than art and hobby, David Beckham tattoos document everything and express almost everything. There are 14 tattoos on his torso and back. All of those masterpieces are made by his favorite tattooist, Louis Malloy, one of the best in UK.



1| Brookyln 

David first got the body art bug when he became a dad in 1999. To commemorate Brooklyn’s birth, the then Man United star had his son’s name written in gothic script across his lower back.



2| Romeo

His second child’s name Romeo found place just below the base of his neck in a Gothic style.



3| Cruz

Baby number three meant another trip to the tattoo parlor, with Beckham having Cruz’s name inked at the bottom of his neck in 2005.



4| Guardian Angel

This is how Beckham has described the figure with arms outstretched that sits between his shoulder blades.



5| Winged Cross

Beckham was in the midst of the 2004 UEFA Championships when he had his UK tattooist, Louis Malloy, flown in to do this piece on the back of his neck.



6| Chinese Characters

The year 2008 was a busy one for Beckham body art. In March of that year he showed off a large Chinese motif running down his left rib cage. The text translates as: “Death and life have determined appointments. Riches and honor depend upon heaven.”



7| The Man Of Sorrows 

Revealed in January 2010, this piece on Beck’s lower right ribs is inspired by the painting “The Man Of Sorrows” by Matthew R. Brooks depicting Jesus Christ . It was spotted when Beckham took off his shirt following a soccer match, AC Milan’s 3-0 win over Juventus.



Left Arm Tattoo 

David Beckham‘s left arm has a lot of designs that seem to focus on his wife and his personal life. In 2000, David opted to have his wife Victoria’s name tattooed in Hindi on his left arm, believing it to be less tacky than having it etched in English. Ironically, things didn’t go quite to plan, with the tribute being misspelled as “Vihctoria”.


Below that tattoo is a phrase in Latin. “Ut Amem Et Foveam” translates as “so that I love and cherish.” A Hebrew phrase has also been added above his wife’s name. A symbol of indeterminate meaning is on the inside of that wrist as well.



8|  Victoria

At the end of 2007, Becks had a six-inch tattoo of Victoria on his arm. The etching is a copy of his favorite photo of his wife inspired shot she did for Pop magazine. The phrase “forever by your side” was later added to the bottom of the tattoo.



9| My Son

In December 2008, a new cherub was seen on the inside of his left upper arm. The Hebrew saying “My son, do not forget my teaching but keep my commands in your heart” was also added.



10| Ring Of 10 Roses

In July 2009 during an appearance on the US Today Show, a ring of ten roses was seen going around the lower bicep. This piece of ink is said to mark the Beckham’s tenth wedding anniversary.



11| Cupid And Psyche

March 2010 – After a game in Rome, Italy, a new piece was visible at the top of his left arm. It is a Renaissance image of Cupid carrying his wife Psyche up to heaven. One small alteration of the 15th century image was made: a scarf drapes delicately over Psyche, covering her otherwise-bare body.



12| Perfectio In Spiritu

Beckham’s right arm contains a variety of designs that seem to speak of his career. There is the Roman numeral VII, as “seven” was his Manchester United number. Then he went for a Latin-inspired, with the phrase “Perfectio In Spiritu”, on his right arm (“Spiritual Perfection”)



13| The Boys

His upper right arm has a large angel on it, and there are cherubs on the inside of his bicep, representing his boys.



14| Let Them Hate

In April 2007, Beckham had artist Malloy turn the piecework into a complete tattoo sleeve with the addition of another angel, flames and the phrase “Let them hate as long as they fear.”