China has turned out to be an epitome of some stupendous architectural wonders but it set a new horizon for its spanking new capability. In its Changsha, Hunan province, the country’s Broad Group showed off their rapid building technology by erecting a 15-storey hotel structure in just less than six days. Hailed by the name Ark Hotel, this structure was being worked upon by 200 workers who erected its framework in just 46.5 hours whereas the external cladding and internal non-structural surfaces were finished in just about 90 hours.


Initial Architectural Design


And all of this was done with no compromise on the sturdily and quality of the building. In fact this project has reported 20% savings in cost as compared to what would usually go in making a 15 storey structure. It can withstand a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and embodies several energy efficient technologies which puts it 5 times ahead than that of comparable buildings. Some aspects which exemplify their energy efficient technologies include triple pane windows, external solar shades, 6 inches of thermal insulation, heat recovery ventilation, and LED lighting systems. 

Photos released by developer, hence the quality of the images.



Time laps from construction launch 09:53 h


Time laps from construction launch 11:22 h



Time laps from construction launch  21:19 h



Time laps from construction launch 26:12 h


Time laps from construction launch 35:31 h



Time laps from construction launch 46:38 h






Ark Hotel Construction time lapse building 15 storeys in 2 days (48 hrs)