12| Goat Yelling Like A Man

After watching this original, we urge you to give R&B sensation Usher another listen. Who needs Bieber when you can sample a goat?


11| When I’m Nigel

Turns out everyone’s favorite Thornberry moonlights as a cross-dressing Disney princess with a penchant for dubstep. We dare you not to jive.


10| The Crazy Nastyass Honey Badger

The honey badger is king of the crazy nastyass jungle — er, desert. This YouTube classic explains why.


9| Kitty Corliss “Grinding the Crack”

Inspired by the original daredevil, Jeb Corliss, Kitty Corliss is the ultimate feline badass.


8| David Blaine Street Magic Part Two

Never underestimate what David Blaine is capable of in the presence of orange soda.


7| Cooking by the Book Remix Ft. Lil Jon

Lil Jon seems to be making a habit of collaborating with pink-haired femme vocalists — first Nicki Minaj, now this.


6| Crazy Frog Bros

You wish you had these moves.



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