Sometimes it’s important to remember that every musician starts as an amateur. Before they become the worshiped godlikes, they were “regular” homo-sapiens. They even had their own bad hair day. All of the mega music stars below may appear larger than life but many went through some awkward years, they took the same yearbook photos you have and at one point they weren’t the famous celebrities you see today. Here’s a look back at 15 music stars from various generations before they were famous. Hurray for plastic surgery, armies of stylists and media consultants.  Click on each photo to find out who’s the celebrity




1| Celebrity Profile: R&B Singer

Born: January 31, 1981 / From  Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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2|  Profile: Country Pop Singer

Born: December 13, 1989 / From  Reading, Pennsylvania, U.S. A

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3| Celebrity Profile: Hip Hop Singer

Born: July 6, 1975 / From  New York, U.S.A

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