Even serving over 58 million customers a day through 31,000 restaurants in 119 countries, McDonald’s takes the time to listen to its customers.

And with good reason.

Last year McDonald’s overseas revenue accounted for 65 percent of the company’s $22.7 billion total revenue — all thanks to hit menu items like the Bacon Potato Pie and the McArabia. These items are available only in specific countries around the globe adapted to the local population tastes and likings.



1| McDonald’s McSpicy Paneer, India

A fried curd cheese patty spiced with Cajun flavor, topped with red cabbage, celery, vegetarian mayonnaise, salsa, and cheddar cheese.



2| Bacon Potato Pie, Japan

Mashed potatoes, chunks of bacon, deep fried in the familiar apple pie shell.



3| The Bubar Ayam McD, Malaysia

Bubur Ayam McD is Chicken Porridge topped with chicken strips, scallions, ginger, fried shallots and diced chilies.



4| McDonald’s Double Poppy Tamago, Japan

Slight alteration from the BIg Mac, it is a hamburger with 2 beef patties, pepper sauce, bacon, and a fried egg.



5| McPoutine, Canada

Around since the 1950’s Poutine is a traditional Canadian dish of french fries, layered with cheese curds and smothered beneath brown gravy. Cheese curds are the solid parts of sour milk.



6| McTurco Kebab, Turkey 

The McTurco seems to be the McDonald’s answer to the Turkish Kebab… some form of flat-bread, shredded lettuce, a tomato slice, and what appears to be a very flat Chicken McNugget.



7| McDonald’s Shake Shake Fries, Hong Kong

Seasoned french fries. McDonald’s fries flavored with a choice of seaweed, chargrill, French onion or salt and pepper.



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