There are just some things you know NOT to do when it comes to weddings. Some behaviors are just, well, inappropriate. One of the things is to avoid is playing or requesting any song at the wedding reception that could potentially make the dance floor awkward. And there are some really inappropriate songs that could spell disaster!

So when #InappropriateWeddingSongs began trending on Twitter Wednesday, we couldn’t help but to take note of these tunes — and put them firmly on our do-not-play list.

Check below to see which inappropriate wedding songs are ruled out, and let us know: Which ones would you veto during your reception?


Stupid Hoe – Nicki Minaj


 I Should Have Cheated – Keyshia Cole


Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) by Journey


Love Will Tear Us Apart – Joy Division


I Don’t Love Anyone - Belle and Sebastian


Move, B*tch! – Ludacris


A Man Needs A Maid – Neil Young


A Quick One, While He’s Away – The Who


It wasn’t me – Shaggy


Toot it and Boot It – YG




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