Our last post on 30 (Really) Awesome Facebook Timelines gathered a lot of feedback and comments. Check out some of the links that were shared and suggested by you, and the ones we really really liked.

Oh, and if you are new to what you can do with the FB Timeline Cover, perhaps this Facebook Timeline psd template will help you get things moving. Now onto the list!


Gabriel Masliah

Is he on Facebook or underwater? No matter, he can be both on his Timeline Cover. Check it out.



Bernard Fisher

We have come far from the negative-developing, monochromatic photos of the pre-camera phone era. Doesn’t mean we can’t use the idea still. Here’s Bernard’s Facebook.



Cody Cosmo Kelderman

I bet you this 1932 lunch atop a skyscraper was an interesting one for Cody. Have a look.



Craig Graham

Is it trying to turn her into an Oscar statuette? Craig’s timeline design.



Gabriel Fort

There’s still space for apps here! Gabriel’s Facebook account.



Konrad Dobson

Let your imagination run wild and your Timeline Cover would run out of space in no time. Check it out.



Matthew Inman

Inside, Oatmeal minions are the same like us, at least under the X-ray machine. Matthew’s design.



Mujtaba Jaffari

A friendly reminder that the best processor around is still the human mind. Mujtaba on Facebook.



Nagaraj Vijayarangan

And this guy is not as lucky as the one showcased above. Nagaraj’s.



Zuhair Ahmed

A sketch that delivers the message: Everything we have under social media today came from human thought. Zuhair’s Facebook.






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