Facebook pages are home to countless ads from smaller companies that can be funny, weird or just plain creepy — those suggesting you are, say, eligible to get a free iPad because you are exactly 26 years old, or entreaties to see what your offspring would look like if you had a child with a celebrity. They are cheap, and more than often quite silly, ludicrous and senseless. here are some that would make David Ogilvy jealous. All these ads are taken from actual postings , hence the low quality of the photos



Try Our McRat Combo… Delicious!


No Comment!


Transsexuals included


Isn't that the guy of 9/11?




Gay Men Adore Glowing Blue Water!


Work with Google from home. Bikinis mandatory!!


And what's the story with the little gofer?


Among them, hanging around with huge abnormal cats


That's Sexy And Attractive!


Yeah... Watch Pigs Wearing Weird Shoes!


Count on your private cat nurse


What a perceptive marketing scheme


What's that smell… it's banks stealing your money





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