Torture-porn aficionados and cruise-lovers of the world unite: Carnival Cruises has joined forces Twisted Pictures to create the SAW at Sea Cruise, because apparently there’s a market for that. If you aren’t the kind of person who would enjoy being trapped on a ship with the kind of people who would be able to participate in the “SAW Tattoo Contest,” never fear. If you are not into the bloody theme, don’t get stressed out,  there are enough themed cruises for everybody.



12| The MS Balmoral Titanic Memorial Cruise

The Titanic memorial cruise departed earlier this month on the 100th anniversary of the boat’s sole voyage. With an identical route, authentic meals and period appropriate music, the cruise recreated the Titanic’s journey to a T … except for, you know, the whole hitting-an-iceberg-and-sinking part.

Prices ranged from $4,429 to $12,655 and attracted people who dressed in top hats and sported tattoos of the ship on their forearms.



11| Vamps At Sea

This June, a week-long vampire convention will be held on a cruise to Southeast Alaska. For that week, the Zuiderdam, a Holland America ship, will host vampire balls, movie screenings, costume contents and Bram Stoker’s great-grandnephew Dacre Stoker. Sleeping in a coffin is optional.

Prices range from $1,060 to $3,549.

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10| The Twilight Fan Cruise

The Twilight fan cruise with Alice and Emmett Cullen! No word yet on a rival Team Jacob werewolf-themed cruise.




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