After China, Finland has become the second country to open an Angry Birds theme park.

The new park, called Särkänniemi Adventure Park, is the first official park based on the game. There are twelve rides at the park, including a roller coaster, a lighthouse and an adventure course, along with themed food areas, the Daily News reports.

Visitors can also play the game on screens throughout the park, the official opening of which is slated for June 8.

Park manager Miikka Seppälä told the Asian Correspondent, “The opening of Angry Birds Land in Särkänniemi is a really big deal for us. The theme and design of Angry Birds is internationally renowned, so we are delighted to welcome visitors from around the globe to experience the product for themselves. The area is definitely a must see destination for millions of Angry Birds players, but also a great experience for those who are not yet familiar with the game.”


Located about two hours north of Helsinki, Sarkanniemi has partnered with Finnish-based gamemaker Rovio to bring the virtual world of battling birds and pigs into the fantasy world of a theme park.


Concept art of the main entrance of Angry Birds Land, a new attraction coming to Finland's Sarkanniemi Adventure Park based on the popular video game.


The centerpiece of Angry Birds Land at Sarkanniemi Adventure Park in Finland is a multi-level fortress tower connected by climbing tubes and rope ladders.