Your most beloved pet dies. So you think of a way to cherish his memory for years to come. right? You could bury him in your backyard, , have his remains cremated and placed in a nice jar, or turn him into a helicopter! Dutch artist Bart Jansen loved his pet cat so much he chose the latter, according to the Daily Mail.

His cat Orville, named after legendary aviator Orville Wright, was stuffed and then strapped to a radio control helicopter created by Arjen Beltman in March. The flying feline is now on display at the Kunstrai art festival in Amsterdam, according to the Mail. In the description of the YouTube video depicting Orville’s first flight, Jansen explains that the “Orvillecopter” is “half cat, half machine.” “He was killed by a car,” the description says. “After that he received his propellers posthumously.”

Jansen attempts to preemptively quell negative sentiments from animal rights advocates by insisting, “For the cat lovers: it is a tanned hide, just like the shoes you’re wearing.”



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