The internet scene is buzzing with the David Beckham Elle UK cover. Elle UK teased us with a preview video earlier this month — where we first learned a swimming pool and a dripping wet Becks would be involved — and finally, we have the real deal.

There are actually two different covers for the magazine’s July 2012 issue: the one sent out to subscribers features the hunky soccer player shucking his shirt and stepping out of a pool in dark jeans and not much else. A tamer one, which will hit newsstands, features a more casual, t-shirted Becks. We’ll pore over the actual interview when we get the mag, but for now, we’ll settle for this Becks quote: “How would I sum myself up? I don’t know, I prefer other people to do that… erm… a little bit shy.”

This is Elle UK‘s first ever solo male cover — and we have to say, it’s an excellent choice.



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