Everyone remembers the most expensive business card ever, commission by a saudi family. This one is way cooler and it only costs $3.

Cody Shaw an enterprising young electrical engineer wanted to directly impress all those who received one of his business cards. What did he do? Well, he did some electrical engineering on the business card itself.

Cody Shaw, a first-year University of Waterloo engineering student who wanted to get himself a job in printed circuit board design and manufacture, decided to use a tiny circuit board as a business card. Rigging up LEDs with what’s known as a 555 timer, the card’s LEDs flashing patterns change when you interact with the timer using different light sources.

But will it work? Cody says he went for his first job interview using the business card last Saturday, and reports, “my interview went great!” Who thinks this guy will get himself a job, pronto? For details about how he created this cool card, along with schematics, take a look at Cody Shaw’s site.

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