You’ll be surprised to see the ballot papers and election posters in Egypt. They are way too different from the ones used around the world.

Because of so many illiterate voters in Egypt (over 50% of the population), local politicians have to pick some of the weirdest symbols to help people choose the right party. Political parties are likened to a toothbrush, bananas, cameras, tanks, umbrellas and other recognisable objects so that voters could select their parliament by marking their ballot papers correctly.


Lining up to vote


Symbol: Lantern


Symbol: Cash Register


Symbol: …And another lantern


Symbol: The bicycle




Symbol: The tooth brush


Symbol: Flowery Challenger


Symbol:  And yet another lantern


Symbol: The onion (probably a family photo)


Symbol: The balance


Symbol: The tennis racket


Symbol: The pyramid


Symbol: The chair


Symbol: The Bus


Symbol: The prehistoric train


Symbol: The basket ball


Symbol: The basket ball and the net


Symbol: The banana


Symbol: The mango


Symbol: The house


Symbol: The Victorian transistor


The ballots