Lindsay Lohan has grown up, and gone wild, before our eyes. And now there’s a tricky video to take us through that journey. A creepy clip that’s gone viral on the Web shows the celeb growing up and drastically aging from adorable infant to fresh-faced Disney star to tragic troubled celebrity, in just over 60 seconds.

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As the photos of the 25-year-old morphs over the two and a half decades of her lifetime, the hair, the skin, the coloring, all go through rapid change until we end up at the fried-blond mop, puffy-faced,pouty-lipped present. Through the many images, the young star, made famous since “Parent Trap,” has a face that looks ravaged by time, hard living, and perhaps even surgery.

The actress, who was just released from probation almost five years after two DUI arrests, many rehab stints, multiple trips to jail, and a necklace theft case, has a guest spot on “Glee” and seems to be refocusing her energy on her career.

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The short has become a Web hit, and has been viewed over 6 million times. The makers of the video, VJ4rawr, have also given Lady Gaga and Britney Spears similar, mesmerizing treatment.







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