Saucy Melanie Sykes is just Something else than your typical raunchy celebrity. Gone are the days of sending racy texts to your lover – Mel is just tweeting them for the whole world to see.

The TV host, 41 and her 26-year-old Jack Cockings, who she dubbed her “Jack rabbit”, has played out her frustrations in a number of risque exchanges on the social networking site.

It all started when Mel tweeted a nude photo of herself from a shoot, prompting Jack to tell his followers Mel is “def naughtier than she appears”.

He’s been returning the favour too, sending her pictures of himself with nothing but a leaf to protect his modesty. Oh, and a pair of socks. Nice.


In one exchange between the pair, Jack tweeted: “tweeting while hanging out the back of @MsMelanieSykesxxx’, to which she replied “Get off your phone and concentrate!”

In other messages, Mel told the trader: “I think you’ll find that i and I alone will satisfy all needs! Xxx”. Another read: “Get off twitter and get back in bed! You are insatiable! I love it! X”

The couple – who first met on Twitter after Jack pursued her with some topless snaps – have recently been spending time at Jack’s home in Dorset, and also tweeting pictures of themseleves all loved up.

With one, she tweeted: “I’ve met this rabbit that is in dire need of my attention xx RSPCA.”



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