Lego is a world mania for sure. From kids to adults, it is the toy of choice to millions of people worldwide. And when it comes to cool creations, it becomes art and full time artists like Nathan Sawaya the Brick Charmer.

From both full-time, professional LEGO artists to those who just have a penchant for the colorful little Danish building blocks, we bring you a great gallery of LEGO sculptures that are inspired by the world of tech, online and social media.

Have a gander now and let us know your favorites – or any others we’ve missed that you think are worthy of mention – in the comments box below.



Sponge Bob



Life-Size Sleeping Man On Bench 






Life-Size Man On Bench






Chinese Dragon



Aircraft Carrier



Life-Size SUV



Angkor Wat






Art Creation Of Nathan Sawaya



Aircraft Carrier



 Here’s a list of some world famous Lego artists


1| Sean Kenny | The Lego Artist


2| Nathan Sawaya | The Brick Charmer 


3| Ian Heath


4| Brian Korte | Brickworkz