With its 100th birthday in 8 days, the James Cameron’s Titanic release in 3D will be undoubtably the talk of the town. The new 3-D “Titanic” does remind us that Cameron knows how to fill a screen. He likes working on an epic scale that can best be appreciated in theaters, where his grand themes and “top of the world” gestures play superbly. The central love story involving steerage passenger Leonardo DiCaprio and rich girl Kate Winslet has lost none of its luster in the 3d version.

The real story of the Titanic however, has its own elements of mystery, charm and romance. Here are some lesser known facts that will blow your mind off.



Construction of The RMS Titanic

Cost to build the ship Titanic:  $7.5-million. In comparison, the cost to make Titanic, the movie (1997): $200 million-plus and the 3D version: $18 million




First Class Passage

  • Price of single first-class passage:  $4,700-
  • Price of single first-class passage in today’s dollars: $50,000




Enough Lifeboats?

The original design called for 32 lifeboats. However, White Star management felt that the boat-deck would look cluttered, and reduced the number to 20, for a total life-boat capacity of 1178. This actually exceeded the regulations of the time, even though Titanic was capable of carrying over 3500 people (passengers and crew) ww.titanicmovie.com




Mystery Ship

Survivors from the Titanic claimed to have seen a boat off the bow of the Titanic and about five miles away. It appeared to be heading their way though it never came any closer. The Titanic radio operator tried to contact the ship by morse code but saw no reply. Nonetheless, captain Smith ordered the first lifeboats to head towards that ship, unload the passengers and return to pick up more. The lights of that ship were visible throughout the night, but no lifeboat reached it.






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