10|  Lake Tahoe

This shot of Lake Tahoe by user tlapse is a beautiful capture of Sierra Nevada.


9| Vancouver City

This time-lapse of Vancouver City is a collaboration between Innerlife Project and TimeLapseHD.


8| New York City

Shot by Mindrelic, this captures some of the best spots across New York City.


7| Ko Olina Beach

A day on the beaches of Hawaii, shot bytonnes, sounds pretty good right about now.


6| Edinburgh

This was jgolian’s first shot at time-lapse photography, and we think his capture of Scotland’s capital is pretty great.


5|  Panama Canal

From the Atlantic to Pacific Ocean, this time-lapse journey by radiofreebc rides through the Panama Canal onboard a cruise ship.


4|  Crater Lake

In the span of a day, user Dan Heller captured a stunning view of Crater Lake, including a crescent moon, the Milky Way and Jupiter.


3| Moscow

Next on the list is Moscow, Russia’s capital, captured by user 22zweizwei.


2| Antarctica

YouTube user Antzarctica spent a year creating this time-lapse of Artarctica, in and around the McMurdo Station and Scott Base.


1| Las Vegas

This time-lapse, shot by user Asianjma123, captures 2 nights and 3 days in sin city.


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