Your life experience can simply not be complete before you visit some of the most definitive historical places around the world. so it is time to speed up with your travel plans and book your tickets because we’re deciding the places for you. Here are the top 10 places that you must see .



10| The Great Wall of China, China

Be a part of history by visiting this incredible 8,851 kilometers man-made wonder. Built and rebuilt approximately two thousand years ago to secure the Chinese nation against foreign invasion, this tourist attraction never disappoints its visitors.





9| Jeita Grotto, Lebanon

Jeita Grotto is a compound of crystallized caves in Lebanon In the caves and galleries, the limestone in the water has created cathedral-like vaults full of various sizes, colors and shapes of stalactites and stalagmites, majestic curtains and fantastic rock formations.




8| Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Angkor Wat, a temple built in the early 12th century has fast become one of the greatest tourist places around the world due to its complex architecture, especially inside the temple. Walking through the monument can be a difficult task owing its confusing mix of chambers, porches, stairways and galleries.





7| Petra, Jordan

Jordan’s most prized possession without a doubt, Petra is a unique city created by the Nabateans, the ancient people of Jordan, by carving natural rock.





6| Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, meaning cotton castle, rightly gives the impression of being a landscape made out of cotton. The site contains calcium-laden waters that flow through it. The calcium rocks hold pools of water flowing down from the mountain Cal Daa Western Anatolia. The water is said to have healing properties.



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