Just imagine that instead of going to the same boring restaurants every time you want to bond with your friends over a meal, your dinner would be interrupted by a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. Sounds crazy, right? Well, that’s because there are some really strange concept restaurants out there and here are the 25 most insane restaurants in the world.


25| The Human Banquet | Japan

Some of you probably know that Nyotaimori (meaning female body plate) is a popular method of serving sushi in Japan. Well, recently the Japanese took things to the next level by not just eating off of the bodies but by eating the bodies themselves. Wait a minute…relax (sort of), the bodies are edible creations made in the kitchen by an artistic staff. At the table you are provided with a scalpel and a plate. You and your party of faux cannibals are then left to dissect the “body” and eat its innards. Beware, things can get messy as these bodies “bleed”.


24| The Pop-Up Diner | Italy

The Italian town of Ferrara recently introduced an interesting concept. For 60 Euros you can buy a dinner for two and then, on the scheduled evening, receive a text disclosing the location of the meal/table, which inevitably will show up somewhere on the historical streets of the town.


23| Kinderkookkafe | The Netherlands

This Dutch family restaurant located in Amsterdam is entirely staffed by children (almost). There are a couple of adults who supervise everything but the premise is simple. Part restaurant, part culinary school, and part day care, parents drop their kids off in the morning and then return after work to enjoy what their children put together.


22| Modern Toilet | Taiwan

This popular chain of Taiwanese restaurants gives patrons the pleasure of eating from a toilet bowl all while seated on a toilet bowl. Drinks are served in small plastic urinals and although one would think that such a restaurant would be a gross mess, it is actually very clean. According to the owner the point is to shock and confuse the senses.


21| Unsicht-Bar | Germany

The Unsicht-Bar, essentially meaning invisible bar in English, is found in Cologne, Germany. There is no light allowed and before patrons are led down into the pitch black dining area by their blind hosts they must leave behind cell phones, watches, and any other photon emitting electronics.



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