Deeply impacted by World War II, Sergey Larenkov,  a Russian artist/photographer and a Saint Petersburg native started putting together a tremendous set of collages of historic World War II photographs blended into the exact locations as they currently look today.

1941/2010 Moscow. Hotel National

Through collaboratiion with the the State Museum of History of St. Petersburg and the Russian State Documentary Film & Photo Archive, in Krasnogorsk; Sergey travelled to various battle scenes from World War II, snapping a picture in present day for his blended collages. Sergey travelled to Paris, Berlin, Prague and around Russia, revisiting historic war sites. By snapping these locations from a similar angle as the original war photographs, we get a chilling glimpse into a very different and scary time.

The photographs below are haunting, telling and incredibly fascinating. Be sure to check out the entire collection at:


Check Sergey’s Collage here>>>


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